Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The journey back to being fit

It has been over a year since I posted on this blog. If you look through my older posts and pics you will see l used to be in pretty good shape. After a year of enjoying alot of shiner bock, riding my motorcycle, advanced arthritis in my hip and knees, and knee surgery; I find myself in the worst shape I have been in. My six pack is now a keg. My legs that took me around oahu at 20+ miles per hour fatigue after 20 miles at 14 miles per hour. My weight has gone from 177 to over 200. My waist from 32 in to 37.

The knees and hip are going to be a major challenge. I can't run which was the easiest way to get in shape. I am hoping I can use my bike as the primary mode of exercise. I also want to lift weights and do my physical therapy exercises to supplement

I spent the last week in Colorado. The thin air really made me feel I was out of shape. I did get four rides in with some serious climbing. Hopefully I will be able to reep the benefits when get back to San Antonio. I also climbed the Manito Springs stairway to heaven. I did pretty good but the way down took its toll on my knee. Luckily a wrap and ice pack seemed to help get the swelling down.

I am officially going to start my diet and exercise plan Friday 1 July. I
Have to take my pt test next month and my goal is a 90. I plan to use the blog to track my progress. Wish me luck.

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