Sunday, April 18, 2010

First Nice Ride

Today I managed to get a nice ride in. I headed out and started seeing alot of other riders. It took me a little while to figure out that I was riding the same route as the Fiesta century. Unfortunately I didn't have the legs or the time to do the entire 100 miles but I did get a nice quarter century in. The riding here is a little different than Hawaii. The scenery is alot different and there is a heck of a lot less traffic. The roads are a mixture of semi-smooth to rough chip seal. I did find an interesting creek.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Getting back in shape

A year ago I was in the best shape of my life. That is me in the middle of the picture. Unfortunately, this year the run of Holiday and Promotion Parties followed by the move and resulting month of fast food eating, added about 20 lbs back on as well as made me lose the fitness that lead to two state cycling champainships. Now that we are starting to get settled in our new house, I am going to try to get back in shape.

The last couple of weeks we started back on a variation of the South Beach Diet. Unfortunately, I was in a class this week that offered cookies on our breaks which I didn't do a very good job avoiding. I also had pizza and beer tonight. Tomorrow though I am going to tighten up the diet, give up beer for at least a week and start cycling again. I will try to keep this updated as I go through this journey.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Job, new state, new house, maybe it is time for a blog update

Since the advent of my facebook account, I have been very delinquent on updating my Blog. I am not sure if there are any readers out there who happen still to follow the blog, but alot has gone on in my life since my last entry. In November, I found out that I did make Chief.

Since then there has been a whirlwind of activity. The promotion put me in the unique situation of being an overage in the Air Force's eyes so I had to find a new job. The list of options came out towards the end of November. My choices were Minot or Grand Forks North Dakota, Colorado Springs, Fort Walton Beach Florida and San Antonio. I applied for the positions in San Antonio and Colorado Springs. Both the position and location appealed to me for SA and the CS offered the best location. I lucked out and got my first choice with an original report date of 11 Feb 10 which I was able to move back to mid March.

Heather made it to Hawaii for one last visit for Christmas. We had our final Christmas Beach visit. We completed the Holiday with my promotion/New Years Party. January flew by. I attended a week long Chief's Orientation Course where I learned about everything from how to tell which water glass is yours at a formal dinner to how to manage your assignments. My parents, sisters, nieces, and Stephanie all flew out for the Chief Induction Ceremony. This was probably the coolest military ceremony I have had the privilege to attend.

February's activities focused on tying loose ends at work and getting ready for our move. We started March with the packing out of all our worldly possessions and cleaning our our house before turning it back over to the housing office. I was able to squeeze in a few rounds of golf and a bike ride or two. We left Hawaii, on the 12th and landed in LA where we rented a car and drove to Oakland to visit my sister Gina and pick up the Escape for our drive to SA.

We spent the first week looking for a house before I started the job. We purchased our first new construction home out side of Cibolo. Courtney wanted us to move to Cibolo so she could go to the High School "Steele High School" due to the name of course and their outstanding band. Right now we have moved into the house but are living with out furniture except for a few folding lawn chairs and air matrices.

I can't believe how fast these last months have flown by. I am really looking forward to the challenges of the new job and enjoying living here. I made it out for my first ride and can't wait to get back into riding. Hopefully I can be better about updating this blog.