Tuesday, May 5, 2009

First time mtn biking after 6 months Time to get a new Helmet

Sunday I decided to go for a nice mtn bike ride at Royal Summit. I was suprised when I got there because there were a ton of riders. Come to find out, there was a race. I would have liked to have done race but I had to get back by 1200 to pick up Courtney and I didn't have $10 on me. I had a nice ride to the top then road around for a while before stopping to watch the racers. The course was kind of cool. It started at the top and went down the singletrack then carved back up the hill on more single track. After watching for a while I decided to give the singletrack climb a try. I made it up pretty until I attempted to adjust the volume on my IPOD. The next think I knew I was planting my forhead into the ground. Another Rudy Project helmet bit the dust leaving a nice mark on my forhead.

After I got home, I cleaned up the garage.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hiking Up Biking Up

Last Sunday, Courtney and I joined my wife's cousin Paul for a hike. We started out hiking the Judd Trail which is a nice easy trail just off the Pali Hwy in Honolulu. The hike is very popular as well as having areas that were used during the filming of the series "LOST", http://www.lostvirtualtour.com/lost/filming_locations/juddtrail/index.html As we hiked we intersected the Nuuana trial which headed up the ridge.

We decided to take the high road and climb. The trail switchbacked up until it intersected Tantalus Drive at the top. We kept climbing until we were on top then stopped to rest and take in the great views of Honolulu and the pacific ocean.

On the way down we stopped at a very popular swimming hole. The water was a little murky and it was kind of chili so we just relaxed abit and didn't take a dip.

This morning I finally made it up to Scholfield for the Saturday HACC ride.
We had a very good turn out and for the first time I remember, we all wore the same HACC Jersey. Today was a climbers ride as we climbed Koli Koli, Pupakea and Pinneapple twice. I felt very strong and managed to be the first to the top of each hill.

Tonight I finished the day with a great Steak, Sweet Potato and corn.

Tomorrow I am going to give mtn biking a try.