Saturday, January 19, 2008

The should have rode Northshore, ride

You know it is going to be a rough ride when you get up and start to get ready and you can't find your ID card. That is the way today started for me. After looking for a while are realizing it was futile, I gave up and headed to pick up Steve L. I had planned on stopping at the shoppette for coffee and Gatorade on the way but without an Id card I ended up filling my water bottles at the outdoor fountain by the baseball field behind the gym. It was not the most pleasant of waters.

Five of us headed to the Punchbowl cemetery to ride 2 to 3 loops up mt tantalus. My left knee was very stiff from yesterday's pt test so I took it very easy on the way up averaging 8.5 mph. We started to head down Round top into a pretty chilly wind. After about a 1/4 the way down the sky cut loose drenching us the rest of the way down. I haven't been that cold on a bike since Germany. I found a banyan tree for some protection until the rain let up. We coasted the rest of the way down, luckily there was some sun to provide a slight bit of warmth.

I decided to push it on the way up the second time. I managed to average 10 mph which was .5 mph higher than last time. I think that was the one bright spot of the ride. We headed back down tantalus hitting all the pot holes and tight switchbacks my triceps could handle. It was unanimous that 2 loops was all that we were going to do so we headed to starbucks.

I am still looking for my Id. That will really suck if i can't find it before the end of the weekend. Not sure what the plans are for the rest of the weekend. Hopefully catch up on my sleep and rest some. This was a very light cycling week with only 75 miles ridden. I head to Japan next Friday for 10 days which is going to keep me off the bike. I may have to settle for a spin class. :(

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The 1st two Saturday rides of the New Year and the Flying Bentani!

My wife actually scolded me for not updating my blog. I guess I had it coming since I have been known to complain to my other blogger Friends when they have gone a few days between entries. Heather had to take her GRE the 1st Saturday of the New Year. I was supposed to have Class but I didn't end of having to go so I volunteered to take her. I emailed Ben to see if He was interested in riding Tantalus. He said he was up to it so we dropped Heather off, hit Starbucks then headed for the hill. We did two loops. Ben said the winners from last years time trial averaged 12 mph. The second loop I decided I would see what I could do. I pushed it but only averaged 9.5mph. I guess I need some work. I think I will try to do it a couple of times a month to see if I can get it a little faster.

Heather headed back to the mainland on Tuesday. I am really going to miss her enthusiasm for Hawaii. She seems to be the only one who enjoys it here as much as I do.

Friday night, Chris and I tried a Italian restaurant called Auntie Pasta's. It took us 1.5 hrs to get there due to traffic and not knowing exactly where it was. However once we got there, it was great.

This Saturday, I finally made it up to the North shore for a ride. I forgot how much I enjoy that ride. The weather was beautiful, although a little chilly at first. I warmed up as I climbed Kolekole although it got a bit nipply on the way down. I brought my new tripod that wraps around the handlebars. I was able to snap a few nice shots of the clear sky and the pack. I even was able to catch the flying Bentani in action.

I felt very strong the entire ride until I attempted a second climb up pineapple hill. I new I was going to have problems when I felt my hamstrings start to tighten while flying down Snake hill. I stayed with Steve L and John up the first steep section then I started to fall back. It didn't take me long to figure that the oatmeal and granola bar was totally gone from my system. I bonked hard. All I could think about was food as I slowly climbed the hill. I finally made it back to the parking area. Ben and Casey had already changed and made a Jamba Juice run. Luckily they picked one up for me. I think I appreciated it as much as Casey did the Jersey Ben gave him for Christmas. I would have given them my bike and first born if they would have offered me it on the way up Pineapple hill.

After riding and having lunch, the entire family went to the gym. I decided to do lunge walking around 3 laps of the aerobic room. My legs may never be the same. We also went to the gym on Sunday but I took it easy and did some yoga and stretching.

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies are the perfect energy food for cycling. See review of Girlscout Cookie Ice Cream on If anyone is interested in purchasing the real thing, my daughter Courtney is selling them. Just email if you would like to order any.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ringing in the New Year

We got up early New Years Eve and headed to the beach for some 6 person canoe paddling. Steph and Courtney chose to sleep in, Surprise Surprise. Chris when along to be the photographer and Heather, Gina and I paddled. There was a pretty good turnout so we took out both boats. Coach Howard began with a on beach lesson for the new bees. Then we headed out to the water for a pretty tough workout. We paddled for almost 90 minutes. The competitive nature of the two groups was evident as we

After paddling, Gina took us out for some great hamburgers at a cool restaurant called Islanders in the Mall. The girls shopped while I walked around the mall and people watched. They were finally done shopping around 430 so we headed home and lounged. We were finally getting hungry around 9pm so I cooked some brats on the grill. Gina and the girls went and picked up some stuff from the shoppette to make frozen drinks. We went out on the lanai and played games and rung in the New Year. The neighbor's were having a party so I wondered over there a few times. We hit the bed around 230 in the morning and I got up at 6 am for a bike ride with Ben. After I got home we went to Church. When we got home, Ben had left a message inviting us to come over to watch the Sugar Bowl. Hawaii got beat pretty handily. I tried doing the really hat but it didn't seem to have any affect. Ben tried it too but as soon as he did, Hawaii threw an interception so he quickly switched it back.
Today, I took Gina to the Airport at 6 am then went back to work. It was kind of hard after so long off. I was able to get in a ride tonight which about killed me. It is tough trying to keep up with the young ens.